OT: No More Servers

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jul 17 20:51:49 EDT 2015

David Bovill wrote:

 > Is anyone on this list interested in topics of decentralised
 > architecture? I've a long standing interest in them, and there
 > are some very interesting new tools that I feel are of deep
 > relevance to Livecode and the Livecode community.
 > A decentralised architecture is one without servers - communication
 > is P2P. Federated architectures are also interesting, and a mix of
 > both is even better.

There was a good conversation about P2P in the forums a while back:

One of the challenges identified in that discussion was the need for UDP 
hole punching - here's the request cited in the fourth comment:

Seems like it would be a relatively small change to make in the engine, no?

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