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This is definitely an area we¹re looking at - its on the strategy list.
Just can¹t say yet whether it will be during the initial beta cycle or in
a v ³1.1² as it were. It will certainly be early in the evolution of this

In terms of LCB, remember we designed that from the start to capable
(eventually) of compiling directly to JavaScript. That opens up the
possibility of doing some lighter weight HTML5 specific frameworks down
the line. Right now though as Peter said, the priority for the first
version is to get as much as possible of the platform we already have

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On 16/07/2015 11:53, "Peter TB Brett" <peter.brett at> wrote:

>On 2015-07-16 11:05, David Bovill wrote:
>> Thanks Peter. What i am keen to get a grip on is how we can interface
>> Livecode exported Javascritp with existing Javascript in a web page.
>> Are we
>> going to be stuck with an isolated blob of all Livecode-Javascript in a
>> page? Or can I make Livecode-Javascript widget that talk to existing
>> pages?
>> My thought would be if the core Livecode C++ engine has now been
>> refactored
>> so that the language element - separate from all the GUI and even
>> message
>> stuff - and that this bit was easy and fast to get exported - then that
>> would be what we need to create interface independent Javascript
>> libraries
>> - let's say a library that takes some JSON and exports some JSON with
>> the
>> webpage handling all the rest of the interactions?
>> How well will these exported Livecode-Javascript apps play within a web
>> page - what sort of bi-directional communication is being looked at?
>Hi David,
>We're not actively working towards any of these things at the moment.
>*In principle*, they're all ideas that we'd love to get working!  In
>practice, at the moment we're just trying to get stacks to run properly,
>and we're going to think about branching out to these other exciting
>possibilities once we get towards that point.
>I'm personally quite keen on the idea of figuring out how to compile
>LiveCode Builder programs directly to JavaScript, for example!
>This is definitely the sort of thing that enthusiastic community members
>could play with, once we release the Community edition of HTML5 support.
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