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Thu Jul 16 05:05:04 EDT 2015

Thanks Peter. What i am keen to get a grip on is how we can interface
Livecode exported Javascritp with existing Javascript in a web page. Are we
going to be stuck with an isolated blob of all Livecode-Javascript in a
page? Or can I make Livecode-Javascript widget that talk to existing pages?

My thought would be if the core Livecode C++ engine has now been refactored
so that the language element - separate from all the GUI and even message
stuff - and that this bit was easy and fast to get exported - then that
would be what we need to create interface independent Javascript libraries
- let's say a library that takes some JSON and exports some JSON with the
webpage handling all the rest of the interactions?

How well will these exported Livecode-Javascript apps play within a web
page - what sort of bi-directional communication is being looked at?

On 16 July 2015 at 09:39, Peter TB Brett <peter.brett at> wrote:

> On 2015-07-16 04:16, David Bovill wrote:
>> I've a question regarding the roll-out, and eventual functionality of
>> Livecode HTML5. In the recent roadmap blogpost there was an indication
>> that
>> compiling the Livecode language to Javascript was achieved relatively
>> quickly, but that the harder part was the rendering of the interface to
>> the
>> Canvas object and appropriate bindings together with the message
>> hierarchy.
> Hi David,
> We don't compile the LiveCode language to JavaScript -- we compile the
> engine's C++ code to JavaScript, and then use that to run LiveCode scripts
> in the normal way.
>  So why not release a limited Livecode script to Javascript compiler
> I'm afraid such a thing does not exist, and isn't currently on our
> roadmap.  Sorry to disappoint!
>                                     Peter
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