recursionlimit mystery!

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Tue Jul 14 20:10:03 EDT 2015

I thought the recursion limit was 40,000, not 400,000.

Craig Newman

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> On Jul 14, 2015, at 2:57 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>
> On 7/13/2015 9:23 PM, Bruce Pokras wrote:
>> The first time I opened
the stack in 7.0.6 that had been developed
>> under 6.0.2 I received an error
message related to the “openstack”
>> command in the stack script. It said that
the value to which I had
>> set the recursionlimit property “is not a number.”
The value I used
>> was 20000000. Looks like a number to me! (I am on a Mac, so
>> Windows issue does not effect me). I tried various numbers until I
finally narrowed it down. Attempting to set the recursionlimit
>> property to
any number greater than 65535 gives me an error that that
>> value is not a
number. Also, setting the recursionlimit to a low
>> number like 40 does not
work as expected. After setting the
>> recursionlimit property to 40 I typed
“put the recursionlimit” into
>> the message box and hit “return.” The number
that it returned was in
>> the high 30-thousands!
> I'm not sure about the
30,000 issue, but 65535 is the upper limit for a 16-bit number. It may be that
earlier versions of LC just didn't throw any errors if you exceeded that.
> "65535 occurs frequently in the
field of computing because it is the highest number which can be represented by
an unsigned 16-bit binary number. Some computer programming environments may
have predefined constant values representing 65535, with names like
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Jacque, the default value of the
recursionlimit property is 400000. So it can be more than 65535 so long as you
do not try to set it separately. I know from experience, when I created an app
that maxed out the default 400000 due to too much recursion, that setting it
higher (20000000 in my case) actually did do something. The app worked fine
after that.

I’m going to submit a bug report and see what happens (if
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