Proxies driving me crazy...

Malte Brill revolution at
Tue Jul 14 11:54:23 EDT 2015

Hi Mike,

thanks for your reply.

I tried leaving it alone first. Then the engine picks up the proxy from somewhere but it does not pick up the exceptions it seems, at least not from the registry entry I looked at. Maybe I am looking at the wrong thing. It would be helpful if it were documented how it works. Maybe it is and I am unable to find that too... Setting to empty has no effect, unless I first do the thing which is rather strange. After that however, setting the proxy to empty works just fine, as if there was some magic switch that got triggered.

That said, I wonder why empty and an explicit proxy setting is not honoured. Clearly the machine does not do what I tell it. :-( Maybe empty confuses the automatic picking up, but then maybe we need a new keyword like none, so we can switch under scripted control…

The crux is I seldomly get access to the machines the software runs on, as this is a governmental institution and appointments shall be made with the almighty admin, who always is a little suspicios of the stuff that is executed on the machines…


Thanks anyway!


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