Custom Ask File Dialogs

Ray ray at
Sat Jul 11 10:54:54 CEST 2015


I'd like to solicit three things from my users in one window.  The main 
thing is a new file name and location.  I normally use "ask file" for 
this, but that only solicits a file name and location.  It does not let 
me solicit the other two things.  I then have to present a second dialog 
with some check boxes and radio buttons to solicit the other two pieces 
of info from my users.

Does anybody know of a way to duplicate Livecode's "Ask File" dialog 
window and customize it?  I suppose I could build up my own Ask File 
dialog window from scratch but it would be a lot of work and I'm not 
sure how I would include things like Favorites and the many different 
views the Ask File dialog window has.

In my research so far I've experimented unsuccessfully with the sheet 
command.  I've also set the "systemFileSelector" property to true in 
order to use Livecode's built-in dialog box.  I'm just not sure where to 
go to duplicate it so I can customize it.

Much appreciated,

Ray Horsley
LinkIt! Software

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