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Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Jul 9 07:20:16 CEST 2015

I'm looking to hire someone to help with our RevIgniter web site and we 


[side note... is there some kind of job exchange thing over on the 
forums? I don't see it, but I want to post over there too... if so what 
is the best forum to use?]

This is not a full time job.


1) I pay by the hour, you work, invoice for the month, we pay for 
whatever hours have accrued. If you only worked a few yours you can let 
the invoice roll for another month. Up to you. I never quibble over 
things like you having to refactor your code because you/we make new 
decisions, or it turned into spaghetti over time and we know we really 
should refactor and get the structure back up to best practice. etc. You 
will always get paid for your time. No difficult client-developer 
scenarios as long as I can trust you will do your best and be focused 
when you work, I will pay you, even for some trial and error. You will 
never get stiffed, ever.  I you want a reference, contact Andre Garzia. 
We have been working together since 2005.

That said I cannot pay you for your learning curve or deep "trial and 
error" experiments. If you get a brilliant idea, that I may not feel is 
essential, that requires you to spend the mid night hours doing 
research, writing, testing...go for it, but that's on your time/dime.

2) Skype calls and strategy discussions are also billable hours. I don't 
work by email other than occasional "when can we talk" and a minimum of 
brainstorming. Otherwise we talk, I pay you for the talk, you work and 
document what you do in our ticket system and in your code and we keep 
going. Ergo, the relationship does not come with another email burden 
eating up your time with non-billable time writing emails. If you are 
unavailable Skype and I cannot easily define requirements in the ticket 
system. I just wait... no emails....

3) Any code you write or that we develop together is free to be used 
wherever you like. I don't do "proprietary" anything.

4) You will on occasion also work with Andre Garzia where projects may 
involve him. Very busy right now. But he is a fun guy and has a great 
vision for the right way to do things. I would be no where without 
having him to help me with strategy.

5) We are not developing enterprise that is on some commercial deadline 
that puts anyone in a pressure cooker. We don't live like that. Assuming 
you will actually put in the time on a reasonable schedule then if you 
have a job assignment, you do it when you can... I rarely, almost 
*never* ask you do something " in the next three days or else!"  If you 
get sick or need to go on a trip... just tell me. I'm patient.  As long 
as you are productive of a 30 period, you do it  on your schedule.

OTOH: if something is really broken, we may need to team up and fix it 
asap. (very rare)

This job requires a broad range of skills. I'm looking to cultivate a 
long term relationship with someone who can become familiar with our 
platform (linux/livecode server/revIgniter) and help us, especially if 
you also know mobile and responsive web enough to understand what it 
means to set some div to 100% so that it works on a small device.

a) solve problems
b) drive our web development goals forward.

If you have mobile app skills and the relationship is positive, this 
could roll over to a lot more paid hours as I'm beginning to work on 
apps and also need help there too.


I don't have a big budget, if you want > $80.00+ an hour don't apply. We 
pay you with OPM -- Other People's Money (donations)... and our web site 
has zero revenue stream... but this could be a fun side job for you.



1) should be familiar with Linux web server admin. We are currently on 
Ubuntu 14.01 LTS
      -- able to use the command line .e.g if you don't know what "tail 
-fn 100" means  don't apply.
      -- if you don't know what SSH keys are, don't apply
      -- if you don't know how to install a package... don't apply
      -- knows how to debug problems as they arise, e.g. monitor logs on 
the cmd line, if needed (rare, but you should be competent enough to dig 
if you have to)
      -- know how to install stuff on Ubuntu (e.g. imageMagick) and how 
to use bash scripts.

2) Have strong understanding of the http protocol / html validation, 
"semantic" html code (CSS does the presentation layer.....) If this is 
beginning to sound like Greek to you, don't apply.

2) Have a deep understanding of LiveCode server, best practices, server 
side scripting for web, how the basic web protocols are implemented in 
LC (xml, POST, GET)


You don't have to have world domination class expertise here, but some 
facility will be needed in:

3) If you already know RevIgniter, great. If not, but you have # 2 above 
(deep LC expertise) then I'm willing to let you go through your 
RevIgniter learning curve with us. It's more fun that surfing. And a lot 
less dangerous. if you know LC, it will take you about 30 minutes to 
understand the framework.

3) Be familiar with CSS, although deep expertise is not expected as the 
base design is already done. but we do need to extend things now. But if 
don't even understand what a selector is and what a style sheet looks 
like don't apply. A good understanding of precedence (how one CSS rule 
"takes charge") will help, though we can mentor you there if needed.

3) Javascript: some ability to edit... again, no deep expertise is 
required, but you must at least be able to run pages and determine from 
the console if there are errors and in which JS script etc.  Again, this 
is not a big requirement... but you must have at least some experience. 
But if you don't even know how to load a page with developer tools 
loaded in Firefox or Chrome and identify JS errors in the console: don't 
apply. If you do have strong JS skills, great!  While we do LC, we will 
also hope to do some HTML5 along the way... RevIgniter is very flexible.

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

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