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Wed Jul 8 18:37:07 EDT 2015

Probably not helpful, but I've had issues for a long time with delete stack
not removing it from RAM, over several releases of LC.  It usually
manifests itself when I "save as", followed by a "delete stack", followed
by opening the original stack, at which point I get the dreaded message
about "duplicate stack names and what do I want to do" message.  The only
way I was able to get round it was to set the destroyStack property of the
stack about to be deleted to true.  Since I didn't save it before deleting
it, that was a temporary change but it ensured the stack was removed from

On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 2:49 PM J. Landman Gay <jacque at>

> Has anyone seen an issue where the "delete this stack" command in a
> script doesn't remove the stack from RAM?
> I have an auto-build tool that creates a lot of stacks and issues that
> command after each one is saved to disk. For a couple of years now it's
> worked fine. Suddenly it stopped working intermittently. The first stack
> that gets built is always deleted correctly, but none of the remainder
> are. At the end of the script there are dozens of stacks left in RAM
> (though not open.)
> The destroystack property of the stacks is false. Up until now the LC
> pref concerning destroyStack has always been set to "don't close the
> file" (the default) but a scripted command was always honored anyway. I
> had them change the preference to "close the file" and the files did get
> removed. But that setting interferes with other stacks that need to
> remain open so it isn't a solution.
> So they changed the prefs back to "don't close the file" and ran the
> build tool again. All the stacks were removed from RAM correctly as
> before. We were puzzled but happy.
> Today they ran the build tool again on the same set of stacks and all
> but the first are no longer deleted from RAM. It seems to come and go.
> What's the deal?
> We're using LC 6.6.5 because the stacks aren't yet compatible with 7.0.
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