Stacks that won't delete

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jul 8 17:49:16 EDT 2015

Has anyone seen an issue where the "delete this stack" command in a 
script doesn't remove the stack from RAM?

I have an auto-build tool that creates a lot of stacks and issues that 
command after each one is saved to disk. For a couple of years now it's 
worked fine. Suddenly it stopped working intermittently. The first stack 
that gets built is always deleted correctly, but none of the remainder 
are. At the end of the script there are dozens of stacks left in RAM 
(though not open.)

The destroystack property of the stacks is false. Up until now the LC 
pref concerning destroyStack has always been set to "don't close the 
file" (the default) but a scripted command was always honored anyway. I 
had them change the preference to "close the file" and the files did get 
removed. But that setting interferes with other stacks that need to 
remain open so it isn't a solution.

So they changed the prefs back to "don't close the file" and ran the 
build tool again. All the stacks were removed from RAM correctly as 
before. We were puzzled but happy.

Today they ran the build tool again on the same set of stacks and all 
but the first are no longer deleted from RAM. It seems to come and go.

What's the deal?

We're using LC 6.6.5 because the stacks aren't yet compatible with 7.0.

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