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I JUST posted another Win 8 font issue... maybe it is related.  What
version of LC are you using?


On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 6:27 PM, William Prothero <prothero at>

> Folks:
> I have a desktop application that I’ve tested on MacOSX and Windows 7. I
> don’t have a copy of Windows 8 and before I do, I wonder if you could look
> at the two images and give me some hints about what might be going on in
> Windows 9. First, I see huge pixellation in the Windows 8 image. Second,
> the fonts are way off in the plot at the bottom, not to mention the huge
> pixellation problem. The map image is a much larger jpg that is reduced to
> the shown size and then screen captured. The shown map image is the
> captured image on top of the basic image. I do the screen capture so I can
> draw symbols into a reduced size image, which is much faster. Both the map
> image and the lower plot image are screen captures. So, the problem could
> be either in the original image display and reduction, or in the screen
> capture action..
> The Macintosh (good) image is at:
> on MacOSX.pdf?dl=0 <
> The Windows 8 version is at:
> in Windows
> 8.1.pdf?dl=0 <
> >
> I expect that I’ve left out some critical factor that applies to Windows 8
> computers. This occurs on 2 students using Windows 8. One of the students
> is in Japan, the other is not. I don’t have any information on the
> students’ computers yet, and I haven’t got Windows 8 to start debuging,
> yet. So, just asking for ideas at this stage.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Bill
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