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Klaus major-k wrote:

 >> Am 07.07.2015 um 15:37 schrieb Richard Gaskin:
 >> @Mark Wieder: WWKD - "What would Kyle do?“
 > Who is Kyle?
 > i only know WWJD :-)

Mark has the privilege of working with Kyle Rankin, distinguished author 
and Linux expert:

His Ubuntu Server book, Linux Journal column, and other works have 
taught me half of everything I've learned about that platform.

He's working on a pair of books I can't wait to see released, both on 
security with one aimed at system admins and the other at end-users.

He's also an accomplished brewer (if you've ever tried your hand at 
making beer you know how challenging it can be), and has used his Linux 
skills to control his refrigerator temperature for the optimal 
fermentation temperature, described in this fun article:

Whenever he speaks at the SoCal Linux Expo I make sure to attend his 
sessions, always well rewarded with gems like this talk on using routers 
as an exercise in penetration testing:

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