livecode forums down ?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jul 7 09:37:17 EDT 2015

Klaus major-k wrote:

 > looks like an Up and Down every 20 minutes in the last couple of days!
 > I was just writing a repsonse when BOOM the whole thing diappeared
 > (again) :-/

As I've noted here before, it seems the domain is under DDoS attack. 
The team is aware of it and fighting it as best they can, but the 
problem with a smartly executed DDoS is that it'll use a rented botnet, 
making the traffic practically indistinguishable from legitimate visitors.

What I can't figure out is who's so annoyed with a high-level 
multi-platform development tool to rent a botnet?

@Mark Wieder: WWKD - "What would Kyle do?"

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