put url web service timeout

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Mon Jul 6 16:32:10 EDT 2015

I created a web service with a "wait 30 seconds" before I return data.
When I access my web service from a browser the browser hangs for 30 seconds
and returned data is as expected.
When I do a ===>put url
("http://myaccount.on-rev.com/myservice.lc?info1=blah) into MyVar<== it
times out in about 9 or 10 seconds and MyVar is empty. 
I tried doing a ==>set the httpheaders to "Timeout: 100000"<== with no joy.
If I reduce the wait in the server code to a 5 seconds then MyVar contains
the expected data(after a 5 seconds wait) Anyone know what I am missing? The
reason I am testing long delays is to debug why my sendmail request to the
web service was returning empty. Sendmail on the server is taking 11 seconds
to finish so I never received a return status.

Thank You!

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at evergreeninfo.net

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