How to solve "can't find stack" error

tbodine bodine at
Fri Jan 16 15:21:36 EST 2015

Thanks, Kay, Jacque and Robert.

It now looks like file corruption is the real issue. I have collected four
different user file stacks and none of them can be opened even in the IDE.
(Which rules out issues like wrong extension or type or missing file. I've
also checked that the LiveCode file version is consistent.)

I've heard LC stack corruption is rare, but I have 5 cases of it in the past
year. I cannot open these as stacks in LiveCode, but I can put their
contents using url binary to inspect them. (I'll be the first to say I'm out
of my depth on this.)

Each binary file starts with "REVO5500". I've compared the corrupt file
binary to a known good file, but nothing stands out to my untrained eye. I'm
hoping if I could isolate the corruption in the file, I could compare it to
good files and figure out where in my program the corruption is introduced.

Anyone have insights or resources for sorting out file corruption? 

Tom Bodine

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