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Tue Jan 13 10:08:45 EST 2015

On Jan 13, 2015, at 2:00 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> Creation time is certainly one of the points where separate controls for a
> field and it's label is somewhat inconvenient.  As you mentioned, there are
> tools out there that help alleviate the problem including Richard's.
> I think I probably complicated the issue by saying we needed a new property
> so it could be used with any control, plus the various comments on text
> properties being available separately from the field itself.
> All that would be great but I'd be happy if the label of a field could be
> displayed just as the label of a group can be displayed, coupled with
> making the new iconGravity property (or perhaps a more descriptive synonym
> for it like labelPosition) apply to a field but relative to the text of the
> field instead of the icon of a button. No need for showName, just set the
> label of the field to empty if you prefer to carry on using separate label
> fields.
> I know nothing of the complexities of the engine but this seems like it
> just makes use of existing properties and the existing logic for group
> labels and icon labels. Plus it enables you to carry on using separate
> label fields if you prefer. Off to the QCC.

If you want the logic of a field label to be the same as that of a button or group, then setting the label to empty should make the label field display the name of the field -- and indeed this is the way a group and button labels work. The showname property (shouldn't this be called showlabel?) should be separate from the value of the label.

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