How buggy is 7.0.1?

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Sat Jan 10 11:01:28 EST 2015

I've been using 7.0.1 for several months. I have an app with coupla thousand lines of code and about a dozen substacks. I have found it pretty good, rarely crashing unexpectedly. However, I do wish I'd stayed with the 6 series. I experienced one crash that comes and goes (only Allah and hopefully the dev team) knows why. But, in a version of my app that does crash, I can reliably initiate the crash, which helps the dev team sort it out. The CEF browser hangs on Flash plugins, in osx. As I've begun my testing on windows, I've had a problem with snapshot on my 32bit windows 7 (parallels VM) and CEF browser hangs on a windows standalone, but not in the IDE. Also annoying in windows is the tabbed button object's background color won't set. I've gotten quite familiar with the bug report system, and have reported all of these. 

So far, I haven't been stopped in my tracks, except for a YouTube video I want to play, and the lack of a 64bit version means that the CEF browser won't play Flash videos in Windows 64bit installations, which eliminates YouTube. So I'll have to host an mp4 version on my own server temporarily, until the issue is fixed.

That's it for now. I don't depend on my livecode work for my income, so I have a bit more tolerance for this painful period where the dev team is moving livecode to the next, best and greatest level of wonderfulness. After living with Adobe Director's neglect and slow and painful decline, I'm very optimistic about livecode's future and find the developers' responsiveness very refreshing. It's an incredibly complicated piece of software and the sooner those of us who can, will pitch in and report bugs, the sooner the product will get where we need it to be.


William Prothero

> On Jan 10, 2015, at 5:06 AM, Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:
> I’ve been kind of following “Can’t Move Backward" conversation, and I have to say that the app I’m working on seems to be fine in 7.0.1. I have generated standalones for both Mac and PC that run well and don’t crash. I have found the odd bug, but I really mean ‘odd’ (minus infinity is a number, anyone?). Although the program has quite a few stacks and palettes, low thousands of lines of code and a certain amount of Unicode manipulation, it clearly isn’t putting a strain on 7.0.1.
> IMHO it would be nice to take a straw poll of the experience of listers, to get an idea if the general experience is as extreme as Ray’s and the other people currently having big trouble with this version, and whether a lot of people are simply sticking with earlier versions. I think the mother ship would be interested in this too.
> Graham
>> On 9 Jan 2015, at 21:08, Ray <ray at> wrote (In the “Can’t Move Backward Discussion):
> […]
>> So currently I can't open a stack which is a nearly two years of work in an older version of Livecode.  Meanwhile, 7.0.1 is so full of bugs (even playing a sound after 'waiting till sound is done' crashes) I can barely use the stack.  I failed to maintain piles of old versions of my project trusting Livecode's claim that a release is stable and relying on the legacy saving ability.  Both of these have failed leaving me pleading for suggestions.
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