LiveCode 7.0.3: a new meme

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 27 16:48:46 EST 2015

Paul Hibbert wrote:

 > I'm still seeing a huge slowdown with some parts of the IDE in
 > LC7.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.10.2, for example if I click any title in
 > the main menubar such as 'File' or 'Edit' in 6.x.x the menu appears
 > instantly, but if I click any title in the menuBar of LC7.0.x it
 > takes at least 3 seconds before the menu is displayed. Typing in
 > some LC palette fields can be painfully slow too, sometimes each
 > char takes a couple of seconds to appear. It can get very
 > frustrating.

I haven't seen either of these, though I'd like to.  I'm using an older 
version of OS X, however.

Is this consistent for you?

If not, do you have a recipe for reproducing this?

Have others here seen this?

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