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Dave Kilroy dave at
Fri Feb 27 01:29:34 CET 2015

Hi Richard

There are various bugs in 6.7 and 7 that concern me (all of which I can deal
with through various kludges) - what I apparently don't have any control
over and which is much more serious is the long amount of time it takes apps
built with 6.7 or 7 to launch on iOS

Please see for details - as
I say in one of my comments - for me (and I should think all developers
building for iOS) - this is high priority.

<start of rant>

In my test 'hello world' stack I recorded 6.7 and 7 being FOUR TIMES slower
to launch than the same app built with 6.6.5 - and in one of my current
prototypes I recorded a pause which was SEVEN TIMES SLOWER resulting in a
pause of FIFTEEN SECONDS before the splash screen was exited.

If this issue can't be fixed soon can we at least have some discussion about
how best to mitigate it? The current attitude seems to be something like
"yes it's unfortunate but you'll just have to wait <until some unspecified
time in the future>"

Thank you for listening 

<end of rant>

Kind regards


Richard Gaskin wrote
> If you have any other concerns about migrating your work to v7, let me 
> know.  Probably best to discuss them here so we can all benefit, but if 
> it's a sensitive issue you can send me an email if you prefer and I'll 
> do my best to reply quickly.

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