Moving to the Cloud. LiveCodeServer on Linux CentoOS vs Ubuntu 11

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Feb 26 01:55:54 EST 2015

Thanks, Richard/Simon:

Thanks for the encouragement... knowing that it should go well helps 
with the job (these migrations are tedious)

1) It's Digital Ocean we're moving to... two other sites run by the 
business team ( and are already over on 
Digital Ocean and they are extremely happy with it. Lighting fast (but 
the sites are very light weight)

2) Ubuntu "11"   I don't know what I'm talking about (hehe)... If Simon 
says they are up to 14.* then that's what it will be. I've got all 
tweaks to httpd conf very well documented so setting up the new web 
service I hope will go smoothly. It's easy with VirtualMin/WebMin -- the 
"dream machine" of web server control panels IMHO  (having used Plesk, 
Ensim, Cpanel... all of which drove me nuts)

3) Just installed keys on the current server yesterday.. really "cool" !

4) I'll test with the latest LC server 7... What does it offer on the 
server that is significant over 6.* ? Unicode is becoming increasing 
important... but I think all that is in 6.7...

4) Papaya fresh yogurt, breakfast with Expresso with fresh Jersey cream 
and free fabulous vegetarian lunch awaits you here on Kauai if you want 
to come over and help me with the migration. I might even be able to get 
you free lodging within 5 minutes of our place. (Do you need a break?)

This will be my 8th server migration in 20 years since we first moved 
onto a machine in Honolulu in 1995 and it looks like it will be the 
easiest. (VirtualMin makes it easy)

Our target to complete migration by May 19... so we are giving our 
selves plenty of time.  I'll be spinning up 16GB ram 8 Core 320GB (or 
more) SSD instance at Digital Ocean any day now, happy to get off this 
dedicated server at GoGrid. Last year it had a file system error and I 
was sweating for 15 hours (longest outage in 20 years)  as tech kept 
running fsck until finally in the middle of the night it finished and we 
got a prompt! I never want to go thru that again.

Cheers from perfect weather Kauai

Actually we are going thru an very uncharacteristic drought by we don't 
miss all the mold and mud of the usual Kauai winter.


Richard Gaskin wrote:
> The first thing Brahmanathaswami will want to do is set up his shared 
> keys, and Digital Ocean has a good tutorial on that:
> <>

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