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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 24 22:53:05 CET 2015

Peter Haworth wrote:
 > I also noticed that I can't drag/drop a file onto the app's window
 > but I think that's probably something to do with its plist entry.

For that you'll need to define the receiving area as a drobbable space. 
  There are a couple ways to do that depending on what you want to do, 
but here's some of the code I use in a tool palette I have open during 
development onto which I drop LC files to open them (more convenient 
then using File->Open, and I often have multiple LC instances open so 
this helps ensure which one gets the file):

on dragEnter
    put the dragData["files"] into tFiles
    if tFiles is not empty then
       set the dragAction to "link"
    end if
    pass dragEnter
end dragEnter

on dragDrop
    put the dragData["files"] into tFiles
    if tFiles is empty then
       exit dragDrop
    end if
    set the itemdel to "."
    repeat for each line tFile in tFiles
       if char 1 to 7 of  tFile = "file://" then delete char 1 to 7 \
          of tFile
       if there is a stack tFile then
          open stack tFile
       end if
    end repeat
    pass dragDrop
end dragDrop

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