[Rant] Really annoying posts

Erik Beugelaar ebeugelaar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 09:51:26 EST 2015

But what really is annoying me is the fact you can NOT browse with your
cursors keys in the LiveCode Dictionary or am I the only one?

Erik Beugelaar

On 24/02/15 14:08, "Francis Nugent Dixon" <effendi at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

>Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
>I¹ve been programming for more than 40 years, and I will
>certainly not give you a list of the programming languages
>that I have used.
>I have used all sorts of mechanisms to help me program
>quickly and efficiently. My latest system is to write my
>scripts using comments ³Here, I search for the files I need²,
>or ³Here build the file list for future examination².
>Then, the next day, I fill in the script sections. It is almost
>the same as doing a flow diagram before starting to
>code - and has the same effect - Try and think of every
>thing before writing one line of script.
>With only 25 years of Hypercard and LiveCode coding
>behind me, I still run foul of some complex Livecode.
>One day, I will sit down and study ³Regex² examples
>which at this moment go right over the top of my head.
>Recently, I wanted to pick out scripts from my stacks, and
>display them, but I didn¹t know how to get hold of Stack scripts
>such as ³openStack², so I prepared a post to you guys asking
>for help. But, before sending my post, I went ³googling², and
>after an hour, I came across Script Reporter by Stewart  Lynch
>and Sarah Reichelt.
>Having perused the stack for some time, I realised that the only
>thing I really needed to understand was :
>³repeat with k = 1 to the number of controls on card j of stack tStack
>The rest was far too painful to follow, in spite of my experience.
>But I had my answer, and prompty scrubbed my call for help.
>As for ³Regex², I will just have to invest some time in finding out
>all about its POWER. After all, it can¹t be that difficult Š..
>There is still so much I don¹t ³grab² in LiveCode, Š. but
>To second Richmonds Rant ³Really Annoying Posts²,
> I will do my utmost to stop asking ³lazy² questions ŠŠ.
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