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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 18 20:07:14 EST 2015

William Prothero wrote:

 > I’m setting up my app. It consists of various stacks and their
 > library stacks. When each sub-section of the app gets called from
 > the main index stack, the destination main stack is loaded, and this
 > then loads a library stack and its substacks that hold the library
 > code. The library substacks have been put into the message path
 > with the “start using ….” command. When the sub-section app quits,
 > I want it and its “used” library stacks to be  removed from memory.

It may be simpler to put the library code into buttons and assign each 
to your sub-section stacks as behaviors.  That way they'll be loaded 
only with your sub-section, can't affect anything else but the stuff in 
those sub-sections, and will be cleanly put away when each sub-section 
stack is closed.

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