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On 2/18/2015 1:39 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
> You probably can. But when I started trying to do this, it didn't
> work for some reason. For example, in the IDE I create a field and I
> write some text into it. A bit of this text is
> His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.
> I decide to make this red, bold, Perpetua, leaving the rest of the
> text in plain black Times New Roman. How, exactly? I can't get beyond
> Bold (command-B on the Mac). The colour swatches on the tool palette
> seem to have no effect, and I can't find a font menu. I completely
> believe that it's possible, but there is no intuitive way to do it
> that I can see straight off.

It's easy. Select the text you want to change. Go up to the IDE's Text 
menu. In there you will see menu items for Font, Size, Color, etc. 
Choose whatever you need and it will be applied to the selection.

When applying colors, only a few primary colors are predefined. If you 
want a custom color, use the tools palette to set the pen color first. 
Then you can choose "Pen color" from the Text menu's Color submenu.

This does require a lot of mousing around, since only a few of the text 
style options have keyboard shortcuts. That's where Peter's utility or 
your own frontscript would be handy. But even the mousing around is 
easier than editing raw html.

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