HTML muddle

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Feb 18 04:32:45 EST 2015

Folks, the muddle is mine. I am in the situation where I have a fairly elaborately formatted field (say ‘myFormattedText) - coloured text, different fonts, styles and sizes. This text is static in my standalone, but I have often needed to change it during development. I have not found a simple way to do this, and I have now resorted to having a ‘plain text’ field (‘myText’) with the whole html of the target field in it, and at initialisation time I execute:

  set the htmlText of fld “myFormattedText” to fld “myText”

This seems kind of mad, but I can’t see how I can edit the original text in situ during the development process: so I am reduced to editing the raw html in the ‘myText’ field, which is painful because I haven’t got an editor which will edit the html while displaying it in its final form. So I just use a text editor like TextWrangler (this is on a Mac). Of course in doing this I make loads of mistakes.

I’ve been doing this for some time, but my approach must be wrong - it’s just too clunky.

What does everyone else do?



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