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I am surprised that this is so OT, that anybody either cares about it or has
nothing to tell about.
Perhaps I am wracking my brain about something which doesn't even exist, or
only in German law?
Thanks anyway

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In former times at the end of last century and beginning of this century a
software user was aware, that the chance that his software would run on a
new system was against 0 and he had to care about new versions, drivers etc.
before he migrated to a new system.

Nowadays, with the new "app" paradigm on mobile phones and tablets the user
has forgotten that these nice tiny little icons on their smartphones are
also "software" with well-definied requirements and  and investment to be
produced. And the OEMs like Apple with their automated system updates show
the users a brave new world and pretend that the user hasn't to care about
anything anymore. All bets are off. The user doesn't cares anymore about
anything and just hits the button "install new system" and expects that
everything runs smooth or even better as before.

I have an app running on iOS and Android and get more and more furious
support requests from such customers, when anything is not running anymore
either on a special android oem flavor or on a new (iOS) system after a
system update.

What I am asking me and didn't found yet a satisfying answer is the

What do the software licenses / warranties of the AppStores of Apple and
Google say about that? I didn't found any paragraph which tells that there
only is a "warranty" for the app to function on the system version x.x.x or
something like that.

Do I have to guaranty that my software runs on the next system /will be
updates for the next system? If not, where is that told? What happens, if I
discontinue the development of my app tomorrow or even close my business
some day? What claims has the customer? Especially when he has upgraded his
system and can't go back.

Apple and Google offer a "return" of the software and the money for a
certain time. What happens, if the app stopps working on a new version? Is
still Apple/Google the contractor? Are there any claims against me beside of
a big shit storm in the social media?

In opposite to classical software, where I can sell a new version or an
update with costs for a new system version neither Apple nor Google have
implemented this possibility for me. There are no updates with cost. Ok, I
could implement an inApp-purchase for every update to release a new version.
But there is again the customers "entitlement", that everything is always
compatible. To create a new version also is no solution, if you (as me) have
already implemented costly inapp-purchases they all would be lost with a new
version, because they are tied to the app-ID.

What are your thoughts about this subject?











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