Postgres SSL connection?

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Tue Feb 10 18:41:41 EST 2015

Also, yes, it's just not supported. I wouldn't count on getting it
supported anytime real soon. We might have a chance at DIY support once the
widget architecture ships, if it still intends to be able to wrap other 3rd
party libs like externals try to do for us now.


On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 10:35 AM, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:

> It appears that, for reasons I cannot begin to imagine, SSL is only
> supported for mySQL database connections, and not postgres.
> Is this correct?  Does anyone know if there are plans to implement SSL for
> postgres?
> At the moment, it seems that my only options are to either accept the
> limitations of mySQL or to run a server on the postgres server that will
> keep a socket open an dlisten to it.
> The "usual" solution that I find of server-side scripts that open a
> database, run the query, and close it appear to be hard-core
> nonstarters--it seems to take a significant fraction of a second to open a
> database, even locally, and the queries every couple/few seconds need to
> remain transparent to the user.
> Writing to the socket with a return message has strong appeal, and is
> likely my best bet in any event, as it will allow the program to function
> on a laggy connection.
> Nonetheless, ssl for postgres seems not to be a feature request, but
> dealing with a massive security bug.
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