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What I meant was this:

- I have too much time on my hands
- DO NOT talk about it anymore

I bet Jacque got it.


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dunbarx wrote:

> Jacque.
> "No. Delimiters are terminators, not dividers. They belong to the text
> that precedes them."
> Hmmm, what an interesting comment. Maybe we should discuss this...

It does seem a frequent enjoyment in our community, but I suspect the 
outcome of yet another discussion on this will be the same as the many 
times it's been explored in great and sometimes contentious detail in 
the past:  no change.

I have no opinion on this myself other than the selfish desire to not 
have to rewrite decades of code, so I'm out of this loop and my opinion 
doesn't really matter all that much anyway.

A far more relevant opinion of that of Mr. Waddingham, which he 
expressed very thoroughly in the forums:

If we were to repeat once again all the arguments, counter-arguments, 
and counter-counter-arguments about how the delimiter behavior should or 
shouldn't work, I certainly don't mind the popcorn.

But if the interest is in any actionable outcome, please keep in mind 
that we needn't convince anyone here on this list as much as we would 
need to provide a sufficiently compelling case to Mr. Waddingham.

It's possible that he may change his mind, but to make a truly 
compelling case it may help to read his comments there first.

I have my Orville Redenbacher's at the ready just in case....  :)

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