HTML5 will it or won't it?

Erik Beugelaar ebeugelaar at
Sat Feb 7 04:57:59 EST 2015

The new Ubuntu smartphone supports HTML5 web so that will not be the
problem for the HTML5 projects of RunRev.
More interesting is the choice of Ubuntu  to write native apps in QML code.
Considering these so called cards (!) or scopes of the Ubuntu apps need
server/cloud support, the combination of Go for server side development
with QML binding support for the client side would be a valid chooice for
non-LiveCode pprogrammers but it can also be an opportunity for RunRev so
step in with Open Language support for this Œnew' platform.

Just my 2 centsŠ (not for a new Kickstarter project btwŠ)


On 06/02/15 21:36, "Richmond" <richmondmathewson at> wrote:

>I think RunRev are being a bit naughty again and not keeping their
>user-base informed
>  . . . whither the HTML5 project?
>As Canonical release their Ubuntu phone which uses apps written in HTML5
>this becomes even more pressing.
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