Livecode Server on Dreamhost fails in Ubuntu upgrade

Phil Davis revdev at
Thu Feb 5 18:35:07 CET 2015

On 2/5/15 6:51 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Phil Davis wrote:
>> I upgraded my DH/LC server to 7.0 and am finding I can't use "do" in my
>> scripts. Is that your experience? For me it causes a SIGIOT error in the
>> HTTP error log and no further output to the browser (or your client of
>> choice).
>> Maybe this is noted in the release docs - dunno.
> It appears to be a bug.  Ralf Bitter and I have confirmed this, but 
> I'm lucky in most of CGI work uses standalones rather than LC Server, 
> and "do" works fine in standalones.

Thankfully (as Ralf noted) "do" still works when located inside a handler.

> Sadly, not having "do" makes it very difficult to create extensible 
> frameworks, as Ralf and I were discussing in the forums:
> <>
> Feel free to add a comment to this (mistitled) bug report:
> <>

Phil Davis

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