Mobile cloud storage

Mark Wilcox mark at
Thu Feb 5 09:22:43 EST 2015

> So most folks have either iCloud, Goggle Drive, Dropbox, or OwnCloud,
> and using those sure beats building a complex storage backend for
> simple apps.
> Does our community have yet a library for allowing the user to pick
> which common storage system they have and an API for
> reading/writing to it?

Apple made a generic solution for this on iOS and OS X. Document
Provider Extensions (OK, new OS versions only).

If you want to read and write files from/to cloud storage then there's
single interface and the device only shows providers that the user has

The latter part you obviously can't get without being the OS provider
and having providers write Extensions to tell the system they offer file
storage. For Apple platforms at least it would make sense to mimic the
interface as far as possible though, assuming you don't just want to
wrap what they've already done.

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