Livecode Server on Dreamhost fails in Ubuntu upgrade

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 5 15:51:06 CET 2015

Phil Davis wrote:
> I upgraded my DH/LC server to 7.0 and am finding I can't use "do" in my
> scripts. Is that your experience? For me it causes a SIGIOT error in the
> HTTP error log and no further output to the browser (or your client of
> choice).
> Maybe this is noted in the release docs - dunno.

It appears to be a bug.  Ralf Bitter and I have confirmed this, but I'm 
lucky in most of CGI work uses standalones rather than LC Server, and 
"do" works fine in standalones.

Sadly, not having "do" makes it very difficult to create extensible 
frameworks, as Ralf and I were discussing in the forums:

Feel free to add a comment to this (mistitled) bug report:

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