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Wed Feb 4 07:17:45 EST 2015

Many thanks for your reply, I got it, but what for a nightmare.
The "Strict Compilation Mode" option in Preferences was set (for some reason)

1) Then I got to the point, that I could not compile anymore my stacks, my libraries run corrupt.

on Handlerx
    put 2 into ßh    -- thru at that line an error 
end Handlerx

the error says: 
stack "Prozess": compilation error at line 73 (Chunk: can't create a variable with that name (explicitVariables?)) near "ßh", char 15

2) Workaround

This was a work around, but when you have to change 3000 lines of script..:-)))(
on Handlerx ,,,,,,,,ßh,ß1,ß2    -- (so much momma, so that the variable are not preset)
    put 2 into ßh    
    put 2 into ß1    
    put 2 into ß2    
end Handlerx

So I hope that nobody (who else ?) will set me this preferences on again. I will watch. May it be a virus?
Hope I have now no problems anymore.

Best regards,

Jean-Jacques Wagner

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> Jean-Jacques Wagner wrote:
>> What to do when the compiler does not accept new variable
>> (explicitvariables?, so it is well set to false). Your done,
>> your script is not working anymore. it disappear and come again.
> Short answer:
> Don't use the explicitVariables global property; use the "Strict 
> Compilation Mode" option in Preferences instead.
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