Confusion about making 64 bit binaries for submission

sebastien sebastien.nouat at
Tue Feb 3 11:49:55 CET 2015

On 03/02/2015 09:44, Mark Wilcox wrote:
>> OK so I am trying to submit a new iOS app and of course it needs to be 64
>> bit now. So I prepared the standalone with 7.0.2 RC 1 but ran into all
>> sorts of minimum OS compatibility issues with the app loader in Xcode.
>> Waited and then tried again with 7.0.2 RC 2 but it now doesn't seem to
>> generate a 64 bit binary - at least that is what app loader says.
>> Any ideas? Is it me?
> Which version of Xcode are you using? As far as I know, if you're using
> LiveCode 7.0.2 and Xcode 6.1 upwards then you can't not try to build for
> the 64-bit architecture as part of your binary.
> There's a neat little command line tool called lipo which lets you see
> which architectures are included in your binary if you want to double
> check.
The change made to the building script to include 64-bit compilation of 
the iOS engines in LC 7.0.2-rc-1 had not not been committed, and we 
built LC 7.0.2-rc-2 from another machine. Hence the iOS engines in LC 
7.0.2-rc-2 do not have the 64-bit architecture (which we realised too late).

Also, we are aware of the minimal system version issue, and are 
currently in the process of fixing it.

Sébastien Nouat
LiveCode Development Team

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