Building apps for iOS 7?

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Mon Feb 2 17:56:55 EST 2015

Thanks Mark (and Dave and Gerry) - I probably didn¹t explain my Œproblem¹
well enough. I¹m using an enterprise license so I¹m not going through the
app store and what I really want to do is to roll back to an earlier
version of Xcode so that I can build my app using some pre iOS 8
compatible externals. The problem is that LC will only allow me to build
if I include Xcode 6.1 as one of the listed iOS SDKs, and as soon as I do
that my build fails because of the incompatible externals. I guess I
should just get the updated externals.


On 3/02/2015 2:20 am, "Mark Wilcox" <mark at> wrote:

>Just as a general FYI - you can create a minimal app skeleton with the
>wizard in Xcode and check how far back through versions it'll let you
>build. You can almost always go a couple of major versions back. So,
>although the latest Xcode comes with the 8.1 SDK you can set the
>deployment target as far back as 6.0. If it won't work there's some
>other reason, not the Xcode update. Provisioning profiles is a common
>cause. It might be nice if the LiveCode standalone builder had a little
>more intelligence built-in there, rather than allowing me to select
>anything back to 4.3.
>Unless you're not building for the App Store it's a bit of lost cause
>trying to support older versions than the latest official SDK allows -
>Apple always come up with some new submission requirement that means you
>need to use the new SDK sooner or later.
>  Mark Wilcox
>  mark at
>On Mon, Feb 2, 2015, at 02:21 PM, Dave Kilroy wrote:
>> Hi Terry - I also can build for iOS7 using LC 6.6.5 and Xcode 6.1.1. I
>> believe LC 6.6.5 is the oldest version you can use with Xcode 6.1.1 so
>> you
>> will get errors if you try to use earlier versions.
>> Could it be that you recently created new provisioning profiles (or
>> updated
>> existing ones)? If so I would check on the development portal to make
>> sure
>> that nothing has been added to them that means they won't work in iOS7
>> (their payment thingie for example...)
>> Dave
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