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A lovely reply Bill

I now hope both Peter and Richard are feeling equally valued and respected

Kind regards


Wprothero wrote
> Interesting discussion for a livecode list, but it can't resist jumping
> in. I think the issue of titles is very cultural. In the US, titles are
> much less important than they are in English society, for example (at
> least from my extensive knowledge gained by watching "Downton Abbey").
> After I got my PhD in physics, occasionally a friend would jokingly tell
> me she had a pain in her back, or wherever. I'd immediately suggest that
> she remove her blouse so I could take a look. Ok, I was young. But it got
> a laugh. 
> I must admit that, as an American where titles are not as important, I
> wouldn't call myself "Dr" on this list. Personally, I'd rather be judged
> on my comments and contributions, and I make stupid mistakes just as often
> as anyone else, and I consider myself a student of livecode anyway.
> How we use language is cultural and the Oxford dictionary does add slang
> whose use becomes so common that is part of the language. In the US when
> we (or I) hear someone called Dr (outside of a college/academic context),
> I think first of an MD. If I were an MD and was told I wasn't a "real"
> doctor, I'd be insulted. It's cultural. Personally I'd feel like I was
> being pompous if I insisted that the title of Dr was used to address me
> outside of academia. Again, no criticism of Dr Hawkins. I am guessing
> that, in his world, it's customary.
> One of the things I love about this list is its diversity and folks are
> not judged by titles, but by their contributions. We can respect others,
> even in the face of their mistakes or questions that sometimes seem
> uninteresting.
> Ok, back to coffee.
> Bill
> William Prothero
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>>> Sorry, but as an MD I have to protest this. I may not have contributed
>>> to
>>> knowledge in the sense of having published original research, but i'm
>>> confident that I have contributed to the well-being of thousands of
>>> patients. That said, I don't take offense at being called "Mr." outside
>>> of
>>> the office.
>> I'm not disputing the value of MDs,  but the meaning of "doctor" for a
>> couple of thousand of years before the creation of the modern MD.
>> The modern MD was designed (or named) specifically to "borrow" the
>> prestige/reputation/non-killing-patients of the doctors of the
>> university,
>> at a time when general medicine was more likely to hurt than help (I
>> think
>> crossover to net good was 1920, give or take, in the western world).
>> It was a wonderful change, and a major factor in modern prosperity.  But
>> an
>> MD isn't what the word doctor (latin for "teach") has meant and been used
>> as--one who has both acquired significant knowledge in a field, and
>> contributed to that knowledge (and neither does a J.D., which I also
>> have).
>> I just get a kick out of it every time I hear the pompous "I'm a real
>> doctor" from an MD dismissing, well, real doctors :)
>> I don't mind the title around, but the chutzpah in dismissing the real
>> thing is amusing.
>> (I understand, however, that there was an older MD that was comparable to
>> the PhD and DD, but that's not who most folks were treated by . . .)
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