LC676 IDE change in behavior?

Thierry Douez th.douez at
Mon Aug 31 12:39:25 EDT 2015

Here it is:

and if you can provide a sample stack,
it could help (see my last comment in qcc)



2015-08-31 18:02 GMT+02:00 Thierry Douez <th.douez at>:
> Hi Paul,
> It looks like the latest bug report I sent to Qcc.
> Doesn't have the Qcc number right now.
> Regards,
> Thierry
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> Thierry Douez -
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> 2015-08-31 17:50 GMT+02:00 Paul Dupuis <paul at>:
>> I have noticed that when I double click on a stack on my desktop (or ay
>> folder) (on Windows) to open it in LiveCode 6.7.6, that when the stack
>> opens, the stack window is show briefly and then hides. I have to open
>> the stack window by double clicking on it in the application Browser for
>> it to display.
>> There is no startup, preopenstack, openstack, preopencard or opencard
>> handlers. The stack's visible property and rect and loc are all set to
>> default values so it should be when LiveCode starts up.
>> Is anyone else seeing this? Was there a change of IDE behavior between
>> LC665 and 676?
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