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That's where I looked.
If you look at the documentation for date, the only thing that comes up is
local date, but in the example, local is colorized as a modifier and date
as a keyword, and the same occurs with time - it is shown as local time,
but again, local is colorized as a modifier and time as a keyword, but
neither time nor date are documented per se, which makes me wonder what
syntax is really available, and if there are other modifiers.

The example incorrectly sets the timezone as UTC0, when what it should be
doing is determining the timezone either by comparison to UTC or some other
means, and then setting.  I'd like to beat the rest of the community to the
punch and submit the fix to Git, but I don't want to waste my time if the
syntax is deprecated on arrival.

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:40 AM, Peter TB Brett <peter.brett at>

> On 31/08/2015 16:38, Mike Kerner wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to find the LCB API's?  I was trying to fix a bug in
>> the new clock widget over the weekend, but the various functions that it
>> calls are not documented anywhere that I've looked, so far.
> If you go into the dictionary in the IDE, there's a drop down menu at the
> top left.  If you select "LiveCode Builder" from the list, it'll show you
> all the syntax available.
> Which particular things did you run into in the clock widget that weren't
> documented?
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