Script-only stacks [was: Re: Script Editor future]

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at
Mon Aug 31 09:28:06 CEST 2015

I have done this already in 2012 with my plugin:

> With this arrangement, using git and external editors becomes easier to
> integrate with the added benefit that one could implement a 2 save option,
> saving a GUI version and a script only version of your stacks to different
> locations at the same time.

You can download it here: <>

I should have called the Plugin „Kochi Mini CVS“ instead of "Kochi Mini SVN", the
name confuses people I guess.

But it does write text files of every control to a file (UTF8) which can then be used with GIT.

And, it integrates into the IDE, after installing the Plugin you find the buttons to export the
scripts as text-files, in the ScriptEditor, in the top Bar.


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