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> On 31 Aug 2015, at 3:45 pm, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:
> On 08/28/2015 02:32 AM, Richmond wrote:
>> Or, put another way; will Atom work as a Git GUI?
>> I am downloading a selection of Linux Git GUIs which all look far more
>> primitive than Atom . . .
> Not sure what you mean by 'Git GUI'...
> If you want to use <YourEditorHere> as a text editor for gui, then by all means do so. If you also want to use that for git commit messages, etc, then
> git config --global core.editor YourEditorHere
> will make that the default editor.
> If you want a gui to work with git... um... I'm not sure what to suggest. If you want something like gitk then you should probably use gitk (or gitx on osx, or tig). Atom's a text editor. Or at least that's all I've ever used it for. Maybe there's more there.

Atom comes with a default plugin that recognises local git repositories.  So if you open the root folder of the git repository as a project folder, it will highlight which files have been modified since the last commit along with giving you a few other details like the branch you are on and whether you are behind on any commits.

However, you can also install a plugin called “Git Plus” that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to add/commit/push etc…

I have only tried that plugin once or twice as I prefer to use SourceTree under os x to deal with git.  I do find the standard features of Atom like which files have been modified since your last commit handy though.



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