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Mon Aug 31 03:33:49 CEST 2015

On 08/30/2015 05:46 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:

> There would seem to be two issues, firstly the different level of
> Compilation checking, and secondly, the Dictionary entry for
> 'scriptParseError' implies that the error message we are going to get is
> human readable. What currently is presented in the result is of little use
> unless there is documentation to decipher the numbers; although the SE
> style error message is really what we want.

Well, yes and no. Unfortunately that message is no longer being sent. 
There's a bug report in the system to try to get it back, but it's been 
languishing from lack of attention for quite some time.

The difference in the error texts you're seeing is just the IDE's script 
editor interpreting the rather cryptic numeric messages you're seeing 
when you look at the raw data. The lines are of the form

errorNumber, lineNumber, charNumber

and the errorNumber is an index into a list of strings stored in a 
couple of global properties. There's one list for compilation errors and 
one list for runtime errors. I wrote a handy function for PowerDebug to 
show these things because it's awkward trying to remember what the 
various error numbers mean.

function ExplainError pErrorNum, pErrorType
     local tFunc
     local tResult

     if pErrorType is empty then
         put "runtime" into pErrorType
     end if

     switch pErrorType
         case "compilation"
            put line pErrorNum of the scriptparsingerrors into tResult
         case "runtime"
            put line pErrorNum of the scriptexecutionerrors into tResult
     end switch
     return tResult
end ExplainError

...So the error list you see represents

Expression: bad factor
param: bad expression
Commands: bad parameter
Commands: bad parameters
repeat: error in command
Handler: error in command
Handler: error in handler

and normally it's safe to ignore everything except the first line you 

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