Mail and Sage - Problem sending

Matthias Rebbe | M-R-D matthias_livecode_150811 at
Fri Aug 28 17:21:17 EDT 2015


did you sent your support request with URGENT in the subject line? Use your email address which is set in cPanel for communication. 
You could also use the contact form at  to send such a request.
Select “Emergency support request” for the subject.

Such support request are answered within 2 hrs or so. 

Please be aware, that such urgent requests should only be sent if the server is not working or is not working properly or is causing trouble

But i would say, being not able to send email is an urgent support case.


> Am 28.08.2015 um 22:24 schrieb PystCat <pystcat at>:
> Thanks Andy.  I've sent a few tickets and one to Heather.. I don't like sending to her about On-Rev stuff but I figured she would forward on.  My problem is I haven't heard back from anyone...  And I'm still out on the water without a paddle.

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