Script Editor future (was Open Source Kickstarter Report Card)

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Aug 27 10:47:28 CEST 2015

On 08/27/2015 10:49 AM, RunRevPlanet wrote:
> Kay C Lan said:
>   > take the smart route and build adequate
>   > text handling into their products but allow
>   > integration with the industry leaders.
> One of the promoted strengths of LiveCode is that it is "live coding". In other
> words I can make a change in my script and immediately see the effect.
> Now while I understand the virtues of using the external text editor of your
> choice. With your example of XCode and an external editor, is it possible to set
> breakpoints and single step through the code in your preferred external editor?

Very well put.

Certainly LiveCode should have a built-in scriptEditor, as should the 
Extension Builder
in LiveCode 8 . . . see abusive comments elsewhere.

> When debugging in the live coding environment which is LiveCode I expect to be
> able single step through *and* edit my code in the one place with more than the
> current rudimentary facilities. While I give Geany as an example cause I like
> it, it is known as a very light-weight IDE, so it is not a totally unreasonable
> starting point for the minimum of what an adequate editor should be capable of.
> By all means allow external editors, but my point is the current LiveCode IDE
> Script Editor is *not even adequate* and having external plugin editors doesn't
> fully work around the usability issues.

"not even adequate", um, by what set of criteria?

Personally I like the LiveCode scriptEditor just because it is *NOT* so 
feature laden one
gets lost.

"usability issues" [yuck; my least favourite word again; 'issues')

I would be most interested to see a *coherent and numbered list* of 
these "issues"
rather than a chorus of people saying how awful the scriptEditor is.

I used the scriptEditor of LC 4.5 (which seems the same as that in 
7.0.5) to put together
scripts that are 6,000 lines long (!!!!), do *search and replace* 
exercises and so on.

I tried, a few times, transferring my code into an external editor 
(Appleworks, aka Clarisworks 6,on a MacPPC running 10.4), and while it 
did do search and replace a bit quicker (didn't
give me time to gulp my coffee),apart from that there was no obvious 

Admittedly I am assessing the scriptEditor with only VB6 for comparison 
(which stinks).

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> Scott McDonald
> "Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"


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