v8 DP3

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 23:28:44 CEST 2015

So; had a "bash" with LiveCode 8.0.0 dp3 on Windows 7 (thanks to the 
good offices of VMware Player 7 on Xubuntu 64-bit 15.04*) and found that 
there is no obvious differences to the 64-bit Linux version.

So (bad habit that, keeping writing 'so'), back to Linux and trying to 
learn something about the widget/extension (see abusive remarks on 
nomenclature in earlier post):

[parenthetically; slightly p*ssed off that I cannot get at IDE stacks 
via the props palette as I want to turn the menuBar and the Tools black.]

1. "Start by creating a plain text file and save it *do* disk with the 
extension "lcb" "  [Grammatical error hilited]

Well, that's a mug's game to start with; these should be possible to 
make from within the Extension Builder.

2.  Well, there we are; created a document called "cheese.lcb" in my '8 
ball' directory where I am messing around right now. Used
      'LeafPad' - bog standard text editor that comes with Xubuntu - 
nothing special; saved in UTF - 8 (LF) format; let's see if LiveCode 
'likes' that.

2.1. I wonder why the Extension Builder keeps defaulting to the 
/extensions/ directory and won't 'fixate' on my directory?

3.  OK: apparently I have opened the text document in the Builder . . .

4.  "Start by declaring the type of extension, either 'widget" or 
"library" followed by your identifier" . . . err . . . OK . . .

4.1  Where? Neither of the 2 fields in the Builder will let me select 
them so I can type anything: neither the 'Resources' fld, nor
        the 'User Guide' (which is obviously not the right place.

4.2  I tried clicking on the 'Script' button ["Opens the lcb script in 
an external default editor." - AND how does one set that?] nothing happened.

5. Grind to a halt because the Documentation seems insufficient . . .

6. Here's another funny one: "See "Select A Developer ID" below" . . . 
scrolling all the way through the Guide this section is missing.

7.  Being a clever sort of chap (?) I thought I'd just open up my text 
file using my *external text editor* (at which point one
      starts to wonder what the point of the Builder is . . .  and copy 
and adapt the example given in the Docs:

/widget community.livecode.richmond.dafttry//
//use com.livecode.canvas//
//use com.livecode.widget//
//use com.livecode.engine//
//metadata title is "Daft Try"//
//metadata author is "Richmond"//
//metadata version is "1.0.0"//
//end widget/

As the Documentation does *NOT* let one copy-paste I had to type all 
that out . . .and that is silly.

At this point I got fed up and decided to go to bed.

I might continue tomorrow . . .


1. Use of text editor; not good.

2. Inability to copy-paste: Shakespeare must be turning in his grave!


* VMware Player 7 is FREE, but it is only available Linux-wise for 
64-bit distros, the most recent version for 32-bit distros being version 6;
to which the only serious response can be "mene mene tekel upharsin" and 
get a 64-bit distro running as soon as possible.

To install Windows 7 on VMware is no more difficult than installing it 
on a physical computer.

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