Business Application Framework

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Aug 15 20:42:35 EDT 2015

> On 16 Aug 2015, at 10:37 am, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:
> Yes, but the script still needs a way to distinguish which changes happen
> from "normal use", and which from redesign, doesn't it?  Clicking a
> property seems to be at least as easy as setting a behavior . . .
> In my case, I might have a display field that got resized as it needed more
> space, which shouldn't get logged as a vc change, next to a label field for
> which any change means I tinkered with how things get displayed.  Even
> within a group, this will vary for me.  (OK, the *particular* case I'm
> thinking of is also driven by the need to open cards and use formattedText
> on the open card, but still . . .)

Yell it’s up to the coder to decide what they want to put in the script to reset properties. In your use case you might resize the stack which would then call your resizeStack handler which handles all your layout correctly anyway.

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