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Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Fri Aug 14 06:04:13 EDT 2015

> illustrates to me that the community is very concerned about the
> possibility of a two-tiered livecode environment where we need to pay extra
> to get added premium features that we all will want.

I wasn't going to post but this is such and oxymoron, and so prevalent here
I just can't constrain myself.

I'm not a big Dual Licence user but of those companies I deal with that do
such a thing, it seems this is EXACTLY what happens, open source users
DON'T get what the premium users are paying for. Lets take just one small
example: MySQL, where an Enterprise license only costs US5000 as year. Lets
see what features they get that the Community Users don't get:

MySQL Fabric
MySQL Partitioning
MySQL Utilities
Storage Engine: NDB
MySQL Enterprise Dashboard
MySQL Enterprise Advisor
MySQL Query Analyzer
MySQL Replication Monitor
Hot Backup for InnoDB
Full, Incremental, Partial, Optimistic Backup
Full, Partial, Selective, Hot Selective Restore
Encryption and Compression
MySQL Enterprise Authentication
MySQL Enterprise Encryption
MySQL Enterprise Firewall
MySQL Enterprise Audit
Thread pool
HA using Oracle VM Template
HA using Oracle Linux and DRBD
HA using Oracle Clusterware
HA using Solaris Clustering
HA using Windows Clustering
Configuration and Provisioning
Automatic Scaling
Management and Monitoring
and the list goes on and on.

For the "World's most popular open source database" there seems to be a
MASSIVE difference between the features the Community gets compared to
those who purchase and Enterprise license. From my perspective LiveCode Ltd
seem to be dragging their feet a bit and if I'd purchased an Enterprise
License I might wish to complain that I'm not getting enough 'extras'.

I, personally think I've got excellent value for money from LiveCode Ltd. I
got what I wanted from the KickStarter campaign plus more. But maybe I just
have a far more realistic view on life, the universe, and software

Where I live and work there is no social security, if you don't work, you
don't eat. It's survival of the fittest. The thought of people just
leeching off society is just abhorrent. It's interesting how such attitudes
make a community work, thrive and survive.

So please, when you post negative comments about all that is wrong with the
LiveCode Community, please include an estimate of the number of hours a
week you spend posting to this list, and the number of hours you spend
adding to Community Edition - either directly to the Engine/IDE or some
Community Software like lcVCS or GLX2. Because from my perspective the only
worrying concern with regard to LiveCode Community is the number of leeches
compared to the numbers actually contributing.

1 hr posting / 0 hrs improving LC Community - I'm a leech.

I find it interesting that the few open source communities I deal with, all
of them suffer the same situation, those that expend the most ($, time and
effort) in the Community seem to complain the least (as seen by the few
previous posts focusing on what can be done to get lcVCS really working)
and those that expend the least complain the most.

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