MySQL: PHP or direct access?

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Good question. Why is LC server instead of PHP not an option for you?  I
know this has been talked about on the list before but I still don't have a
solid handle on this. I'm still am not clear on how SQL injection can be
done with a direct MySQL connection using ssl. Also when using a web service
(LC server, PHP...) to access a MySQL DB over https what are the

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What are the pluses and minuses you get from using php as a middleman to
access a mySQL database on a server versus accessing the mySQL database
directly from LC?

Web sources typically mention two main benefits: php runs on any platform,
and it's easier to create dynamic web pages.  I think the first one really
has to do with using php over any other server side language rather than
direct vs indirect db access.

So assuming I have a Livecode application that does not generate dynamic web
pages, what other reasons might there be to use php (or not)?  And if I do
use php, how do I protect against sql injection attacks?
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