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Thu Aug 13 07:09:05 EDT 2015

> True but it’s not like there aren’t other funky file formats in
> GitHub… storyboard, xib etc.. nasty stuff. Keep the UI as code light
> as possible and the code in nicely named scriptified stacks and it’s
> reasonable as far as I can tell. You could even put in some commit
> hooks to enforce a rule on the script length of objects script to
> force code into these libraries...

That's very true. Indeed, perhaps one could argue that GitHub needs 
service-hooks which allow customization of merging and diff display. 
That general feature there would solve the VCS problem in a natural way 
for a number of types of data which are needed in modern software 

I suspect it will come in time as, to be fair, the integration abilities 
have increased a fair bit since we started using it in 2013; and we've 
used them quite extensively in our Vulcan (CI / Build System) 
integration so that information about PRs appear directly on the 
relevant PRs (and shout at you when you've made a mistake!).

> Is that ever going to happen though? There’s too much intermingled
> data, script and UI in LC to do that I think.

I was chatting to Peter about that this morning - he is less optimistic 
about there being 'natural general solution' than I. He is probably, 
lamentably, right.


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