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On 8/12/2015 11:02 AM, Richmond wrote:
> Why have I got the impression, over about 15 years, that Runtime
> Revolution looks like a teenage kid with
> ADS. Every day a new idea, none of which really reach fruition. After a
> while with a person like this one would
> start to wonder about their reliability to finish anything at all.

First, they are no longer "Runtime Revolution" or "RunRev", they are 
"LiveCode" and have legally changed the company name.

Second, your comment is inaccurate and unfair. The last Kickstarter 
promised HTML5 which is now well underway. Internally there is already 
an early working version. The first Kickstarter promised to restructure 
the engine, a massive undertaking, and that has been completed. So both 
KS campaigns have been honored.

Bringing full unicode support was promised and it, too, was a huge 
effort that took a year or more to finish. That has been fullfilled and 
has made life far easier for us all.

Another promise addressed increased flexibility via widgets and all the 
benefits they will provide. You have already seen the progress they've 
made and work continues. Some widgets have already been created by both 
LC and users. When completed, widgets will give us, among other things, 
native appearance and behavior on mobile devices. There are unlimited 
other applications.

Regarding the bug database, it was overhauled some years ago and bugs 
are now addressed almost immediately. They are fixed according to 
criteria I have mentioned before. If you are referring to ancient, 
unaddressed bugs, LC requested that users go through those and close any 
that are no longer relevant. If you haven't done that, you should. They 
have apparently begun the lengthy process of reviewing the reports from 
5 or 10 years ago, since I do see some of those referenced occasionally 
in the QCC.

Can you name other promises they have left unfullfilled?

I wonder if you are mistaking "unreliable" progress with "not 
instantaous" progress. The amount of work required to complete some of 
these promises takes a great deal of time. And, of course, they need to 
keep the lights on while it all happens.

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