Set Variable or CustomProperty Names with and expression

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Aug 12 00:43:15 EDT 2015

I want to move data from one variable to several others by parsing one 
and passing them to another (s)

In this scenario... the variable I want to pass them to needs to be 
named according to one of the search items

like this:

where I want variable based on category names like:

meditation set


categories are  e.g.


repeat for each line x in gAllQuotes

       repeat for each item y in tCategories
          if item 6 of x contains y then
             put x & cr & "|" after ("t" &y&"set")
       end repeat
    end repeat

set the uLifeSet of this stack to tlifeset


But apparently this is illegal... a variable name cannot be the result 
of an expression.

I suppose I should think about using arrays, but this is a very small 
amount of text data (less than 200K of line/tab delimited data) and I 
never found the processing time for just parsing delimited text to be 
that serious an issue...

Any clues? I'll sleep on this...perhaps get an answer in a dream tonite.

If not, I'll be looking for one here


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