Reliable Custom Window Dragging in LC7?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 9 19:21:50 CEST 2015

Mark Wieder wrote:
> On 08/08/2015 11:45 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:
>> But create a new untitled stack in the IDE.  Click between between the new
>> stack and the windowShaped stack and drag them around.  Over here, when
>> clicking on the windowShaped stack after the standard stack, there is a
>> delay while the window becomes active, and then dragging is thrown way
>> off, depending on how fast you drag.
> Whew! I'm glad it's not just me.
> Also, creating a drag stack invisibly, setting its parameters, then
> making it visible to start dragging makes it visible at the center of
> the screen, then changes its location, so that you have an initial
> visible jump. Probably the delay thing you're talking about.
> One of the many reasons I stick with 6.x.

Version 6.x will be EOL'd sooner or later, and it'd be good to see this 
fixed for the future.

What's the bug report number?

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