How to Make App Building Into Art

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Tue Aug 4 18:01:22 CEST 2015

Jana Doughty wrote:
> Lastly - Did you know we're on social media? We are! And we'd love to see
> the enthusiasm you share in the forums shared on our social pages as well!
> You can like our Facebook page and write on our wall here:
> You can follow our Twitter handle here (and tweet to us @LiveCode):
> We'd love to see what you're doing in your app building journey. If you
> don't have time to share your full LiveCode story, take a photo of your
> work and share it on social media. Or send the photo to me and I'll share
> it for you on our social pages!

Two tips for the readers here on using social for LC

1. Twitter, Facebook, and G+ all allow hash tags, so if you tag your 
LiveCode-related posts with #livecode they're not only easier for other 
LiveCoders to find, but help extend the reach of those posts and that 
tag across the network.

2. LinkedIn's Endorsement feature is extensible, so that as long as you 
use at least one of the suggested tags you can also add a custom one - 
such as, say, "LiveCode".  Eventually I'd like to see "LiveCode" become 
a suggested tag there, and it may be possible if we do two things:
- Include LiveCode among your skills in your Linked profile
- Add "LiveCode" to endorsements you make for those you know have good
   LiveCode skills.

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